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CVC stands for “Contemporary Verification Consultants” – a top notch VLSI Design-Verification Company based in Bangalore, India.

Through our innovative approach to the ever-challenging functional verification problem we at CVC strive to tackle this problem with tailored products and services. Our products aim to improve the verification efficiency from a holistic approach than just being a point solution.

Our services to the industry come in two major forms – one as our consulting services and the other as our trainings to working professionals and corporates in general.

CVC has been the pioneer in corporate trainings on all advanced VLSI areas. Starting 2009, we productized our internal, time-tested process of bringing up fresh engineers to be VLSI experts.

Why CVC?

Factor Vendor CVC XYZ training company EDA Vendor
Training Delivery World renowned experts Part timers, in bet’n job engineers Tool support Engineer
Focus Verification Language EDA tools
Topics covered User/Verification perspective Language perspective Based on the tools Strength
How Recently Updated Last week Months Back As old as language was Standardized
Verification Expertise Yes Depends on the trainer No
Can I run labs across tools Yes Yes No
Is Content Tool independent Yes No/Yes (Typically only one tool) No
Global Footprint Yes No Yes
Publications Yes No No
Post training support Yes No No
Online Technical Evaluation Yes No No
Customization Yes No No
Online Blogs Yes No No
Extended Hands on Yes No No

Our Courses

Job Oriented

VLSI- Design Verification

VLSI- Design Verification

VLSI Design Verification Engineering (DVE) is an exciting field with tremendous opportunities for fresh graduate with right skills. We at CVC have been at the helm of DVE since 2004. If you are a fresh engineering graduate or a junior engineer looking to make it big in VLSI domain, look no further.

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CVC's Verification Using SystemVerilog course gives you an in-depth introduction to the main enhancements that SystemVerilog offers for testbench development, discussing the benefits and issues with the new features. It also demonstrates how verification is more efficiently and effectively done using SystemVerilog constructs.

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CVC’s UVM course gives you an in-depth introduction to the main enhancements that UVM offers, discussing the benefits, new features and demonstrating how design and verification is more efficient and effective when using SystemVerilog constructs. Basic UVM training gets the user up-to speed on UVM usage

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Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses

SV-Verification Using SystemVerilog
UVM-Universal Verification Methodology -L1
UVM-Universal Verification Methodology -L2
UVM-Universal Verification Methodology -L3
UVM Register Abstract Layer
Assertion Based Verification in UVM and more..

VLSI- Other Courses

VLSI- Other Courses

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Customer set


Very good place to learn

Very good place to learn VLSI design and verification.
They will provide more practical sessions.

Poojitha konidena

Excellent training

Excellent training with licensed version of tools. These days getting job in VLSI field is a herculean task. Placement oriented training is the added advantage.

Jothish George

I would like say frankly

I would like say frankly I was very weak in basic but once I joined got all knowledge which one helped me to learn advance things. One more thing every trainee will get license here.

Raja Singh

Good place to learn VLSI front-end training

Good place to learn VLSI front-end training. They are focusing more in lab practical session. It’s helps to learn a lot of technical knowledge.

Arunachalam Rangaraj

Best place to learn VLSI Design

Best place to learn VLSI Design and verification. They highly focused on technical topics and practical sessions. They’re helping with placement after completion of course.

Vinothini Muthu