Making Verilog simulations a fun and useful game – welcome to EDAPlayground

Victor Lyuboslavsky, Victor EDA, technology partner, guest blogger at CVC

Ever wondered if you can run Verilog Sims from a Web Browser?

Well, playing with Verilog and OVL has gotten a little easier recently thanks to the introduction of EDA Playground. EDA Playground is a web application that allows users to edit, simulate, share, and view waves for their HDL code. It is intended to accelerate the learning of design and testbench development with easier code sharing and with simpler access to simulators and libraries. EDA Playground is free, and, since it is web-browser based, it runs on any OS. And you can be up and running in few minutes, without having to install EDA tools, licenses etc.

EDA Playground has two editor panes. The left one is intended for testbench code, and the right one intended for design code. The bottom pane is for simulation results, which are updated in real time when the simulation is running. Running a simulation is easy — select the simulator on the option panel, and click Run.


If the sim creates a *.vcd wave dump, it is possible to view waves using EPWave browser-based viewer. To enable EPWave, simply set the following checkbox on the option panel:

Open EPWave after run

The wave window will open after the simulation completes.


EDA Playground has several code examples to play with, such as:

“Our short-term and international training attendees have always wanted a platform to run/play with simulations after the training sessions on their own, at their own schedule” says Mrs. Ajeetha Kumari, CEO of CVC Pvt Ltd. She continues “So far they had to install, manage their own tools or rely on their employers/universities to provide such a support; with the launch of EDA Playground this process can get simplified a lot in near future”.

To find out more about EDA Playground, watch the following video. Recommended viewing quality is 720p. EDAPlayground on You Tube

Victor Lyuboslavsky, Founder of Victor EDA

Technology partner, guest blogger at CVC