About CVC

Who Are CVC?

CVC are a top notch VLSI Design-Verification company based in Bangalore, India. Through our innovative approach to the ever-challenging functional verification problem we at CVC strive to tackle this problem with tailored products and services. Our products aim to improve the verification efficiency from a holistic approach, rather than just being a point solution.

Our services to the industry come in two major forms – one as our consulting services and the other as our trainings to working professionals and corporates in general. CVC has been the pioneer in Corporate trainings on all advanced VLSI areas. Starting 2009, we productised our internal, time-tested process of bringing up fresh engineers to be VLSI experts.

CVC has been developing products in stealth mode to target semiconductor companies in order to assist them in doing risk-free silicon designs. We are taking a measured approach to our product development with clear customer success as our milestones.


Ajeetha Kumari

Leads a team of elite, seasoned Verification professionals focused on next generation verification automation and productivity techniques. She has been providing consultancy to leading edge semiconductor houses on various verification challenges for more than a decade.

Ajeetha has over 17 years of experience in verification and has implemented and architected several verification environments for block & subsystems as well as co-authoring leading books in the Verification domain.

She has presented papers and  tutorials in various conferences, publications and avenues and has also worked with all leading edge simulators and formal verification (ModelChecking) tools.

As well as all of this she regularly conducts workshops and training on PSL, SVA, SV, OVM, E, ABV, CDV andOOP for Verification.


Srinivasan Venkataramanan

Srini, is a technology entrepreneur with 23+ years of experience in Semiconductors and EDA. Srini has been involved in leading design verification languages and methodologies such as SystemVerilog, UVM, e (Specman),
PSL and more since their origin (since early 2000). As part of his latest venture AumzDA he is deploying AI & ML to solve complex design verification challenges. Srini also heads VerifWorks, a high-end design and verification consulting firm.

Srini has delivered training on SystemVerilog, UVM, Low Power (UPF), Portable Stimulus and more. He has trained more than 15,000 engineers in live class rooms. His Udemy courses have more than 4000 students to-date. Prior to
his entrepreneurial journey, Srini has worked at Intel, Synopsys, Realchip and Philips.